Ziplining, Robots, and Hot Air Balloons

This week, we…

  • Ate ice cream in the rain
  • Puzzled together Kilo Ren
  • Was scared by a mummy in pink
  • Played Tic Tac Toe with a robot
  • Zip lined
  • Play in a creek — No childhood experience is complete without  this!
  • FINISHED THE SCHOOL YEAR!!! We officially have started summer break.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science: Robot Revolution

We went to the new exhibit Robot Revolution at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They had a lot of interactive displays where the kids could either control the robot or play with the robot. We learned about circuits, and ZooKid had his first coding experience.


ZooKid’s 7th Birthday Party: Jungle Book

ZooKid turned 7 this week! Man, how time does fly! We had a Jungle Book party with friends in the morning. We went to Jungle Quest, an indoor zipping and adventure park. Then, it was off to the park for pizza, cake and play. When Dad got home from work, we ate ciopinno, ZooKid’s requested birthday dinner, and watched the new Angry Birds movie at the theater. Happy birthday, ZooKid!


Erie Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Launch

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