K5 Learning: A Review

K5 Learning
K5 Learning
Dear Homeschooler,

We’ve been winding down the school year over the last month or two. As we finished up our core curricula, I’ve been supplementing with some fun, computer-based educational programs. One of our favorites has been the  online program by K5 Learning.

K5 Learning provides supplemental instruction in reading, math, and spelling in kindergarten through grade 5. It uses colorful characters and interactive games to teach the lesson material in a fun, engaging way. The student can work their way through each subject at their on pace at the level that is appropriate for them.


The Parent End

K5 Learning offers two subscription options with discounts for multiple students. You can sign up for an annual or month-to-month subscription. Once you sign up and add your students to your account, then you are ready to start the assessment.

K5 LearningReading and math assessments will help you know which level is the best placement for your student. Like the actual lessons, the assessments are computerized and full of fun and color — The students hardly know they are taking an assessment at all. The results look like the screenshot below:


K5 Learning _ Assessment

Once placed, the student is off and running. You do not have to plan lessons (unless you want to manually assign lessons) because it is all done for you! You can track their progress through the material by generating reports. You can also extend lessons or just provide some extra practice by accessing the worksheet tab at the top for printable worksheets:

K5 Learning _ Worksheets

You can also customize your student’s experience by assigning certain lesson from the lesson library:

K5 Learning _ Lesson Library

So, whether you want your student to plug and go or you want to be more involved in the specifics of the lesson planning, K5 Learning can work for you.


The Student End

When your student logs in, this is what they see:

K5 Learning _ Kid's View

They choose which subject then want to work on, and they are immediately directed to their next lesson. All the planning is done for you: As the student works through the lesson, the program continues to guide them through the material automatically. My kids are working through third grade and kindergarten. Here are some snapshots of their lessons:

Third Grade Reading and Math

Kindergarten Reading and Math


My Opinion


The colorful lesson slides are engaging. The kids think they are just playing games.

No Planning

Every lesson is sequential. It took my kids no time at all to be able to be able to manipulate the controls. They just log in, and they’re off!

Independent Learning

I believe that instilling the tools for students to learn independently and automate their own work flow is a valued and essential skill. K5 Learning provides an excellent environment for kids to work on this.


Unlike many other online games and programs, K5 Learning does not have advertisements and social chat rooms that need to be monitored.


Have you tried K5 Learning? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. If not, sign up for their free 14 day trial.

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