Launch Friday: Ed Emberley Art Pack

launch friday
Dear Homeschooler, 

Welcome to Launch Friday!!!! I am so excited to be officially joining the online homeschooling community. This week promises to be a fun way to get to know each other and get some free stuff! I tried to make sure there was something for most ages/levels. Most of the giveaways are materials I have used or plan to use to supplement my own students’ learning.

Today’s give away is the Ed Emberley Art Pack! This includes the following:

  • Ed Emberley’s Complete FunPrint Drawing Book: Fingerprint Drawing Book & Great Thumbprint Drawing Book
  • Pink Stamp Pad
  • Green Stamp Pad
  • Blue Stamp Pad

This is such a great Book! Good for tiny hands, and fun for bigger ones! Help older kids develop drawing skills! See a complete review here.

Discussion Topic:

Let’s talk about Common Core. Do you use it? Reference it? Or completely ignore it? And why?


  • Does Common Core guide your lesson plans? Why?
  • Do you reference Common Core as is as a guideline, but mostly create your own curriculum? Why?
  • Are you against following any federal/state-mandated standards? Why?
  • Do you want to know more about Common Core?

Please take the time to comment below on the discussion topic and subscribe (both mandatory to qualify for prize). All other options are opportunities for extra entries.


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Now, let’s get to that giveaway (Starts 12:15 AM and ends 11:59 PM)!


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  1. I plan on referencing our state standards, but not common core. Oklahoma opted out of common core this past year. Our family isn’t sure where our homeschooling journey will lead us and I know that if we re-enroll our kids in school after this year they will be tested to assess grade-level. So I need to make sure we are meeting those guidelines. Plus…even though I am a teacher I am nervous about homeschooling and I feel like I need a guideline (at least for this first year anyway)! 🙂

  2. I ignore common core. I do not feel that federal/state mandated standards should define our children’s education. I feel it severely infringes on our rights as homeschoolers and is detrimental to our children. I chose curriculum that is not aligned with common core and I’m also researching options of being enrolled under an umbrella school, to be considered a “private school”. Eventually, we will be forced into complying with common core as a “homeschool” and I want no part in that. It’s sad that so much negativity can come from something well intentioned.

  3. I ignore common core. I don not find it necessary to follow it.

  4. I don’t follow common core art all. I also chose curriculum that is not common core. There may be some good elements to it, but I feel that common core as a whole is detrimental to our children.

  5. I completely ignore common core.

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