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Learning about Science Collection Level 2
 Do you school year round? We definitely do not! We are diligent during the school year (August – May). We put our days in, do our lessons, finish our books and courses, but come May, we take our nose off the grind to frolic in the flowers and splash in the pool. Now, just because we don’t do official lessons doesn’t mean we stop learning. No, Sir! We visit museums and nature centers, go on hikes, visit new places, and learn on the go. Our summer learning is much more relaxed; we explore and practice what we know. That is why I was very excited for my almost-second-grader to take some time and enjoy Learning About Science Collection, Level 2 byWriteBonnieRose in the ease and joy that is summer.



The Product: Learning About Science Collection, Level 2

Learning About Science Collection, Level 2 is a collection of  8 science workbooks on varying topics of life science, earth science, and physical science:

  • A Closer Look at Body Systems
  • Forces and Simple Machines
  • Plants: How They Grow and How They Help Us
  • Scientists and the Scientific Method
  • The Cycle of Water and Types of Clouds
  • The Solar System: Planets, Earth’s Moon, and Constellations
  • Understanding Food Chains
  • Why Do Animals Hibernate?

Each workbook breaks down the topic into a short, easy to understand format where the student (or parent) reads a brief paragraph or two about the topic. The student then copies an important term and colors a picture. The information provided is adequate enough to engage young students. For older one, you can take the time to further explore the terms and topics at the library or online if you choose. At the end of the workbook is a short quiz arranged in a multiple choice format to test comprehension and retention. The student (or parent) can read the question, and the student chooses the answer from three corresponding pictures.


Further resources can be found in the accompanying PDF entitled Learning About Science Collection, Level 2, Discussion Helps. Here you will find many links both about science in general and also about the specific topics of the workbooks included in the collection.


WriteBonnieRose’s Other Products

WriteBonnieRose has two other Learning About Science Collections, levels 1 and 3 that follow the same learning format.

Level 1

Learning about Science Collection Level 1
Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 is 172 pages of science learning about these topics:

  • Familiar Plants and How They Grow
  • Fruits and Vegetables Around the World
  • Animal Habitats of the World
  • Our Senses and Systems and How They Work
  • Learning About Life Cycles
  • Earth Layers, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes
  • Exploring States of Matter


Level 3

Learning About Science Collection, Level 3  expands science knowledge in these areas:

Learning about Science Collection Level 3 Print

  •  Kinds of Animals and How They Live
  • What’s Going On Inside Plants?
  • Life in the Ocean’s Hidden Zones
  • Forecasting and Understanding the Weather
  • Discovering Rocks, Minerals, and Crystals
  • Exploring the Earth’s Landforms
  • Energy and Its Many Forms

Learning About Science Collection, Level 3  also has a cursive option.

My Opinion

We really enjoyed these books. We practiced our reading, practiced our writing, and learned something new. I kept one of the workbooks in my big purse, and when we were hanging out at a coffee shop, I could pull it out and my daughter would have something with which to occupy herself.


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Learning about Science Collection Level 1


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