Logic of English: A Review of Foundations Level A

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Do you have a favorite literacy curriculum? Princess Super Kitty will be entering kindergarten next fall, and I’ve been looking for a good fit for her, so I was very excited for the opportunity to review Foundations Level A from Logic of English.


Foundations Level A: What Comes In The Box?

  • Foundations Level A Manuscript Workbook
  • Foundations Level A Teacher’s Manual
  • Doodling Dragons: An ABC of Sounds
  • The Rhythm of Handwriting: Manuscript Chart
  • Phonogram & Spelling Rule: Quick Reference
  • Spelling Analysis: Quick Reference
  • Lined dry erase board
  • The Rhythm of Handwriting: Manuscript Tactile Cards
  • Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Phonogram Game Tiles: Blue Bookface
  • Phonogram Game Tiles: Red Manuscript

Logic of English


Logic of English‘s Foundations Level A combines phonemic awareness, handwriting and spelling into one, easy-to-follow curriculum. The teacher’s manual contains a full course scope and sequence, detailing the objectives of each of the 40 lessons. Listed by lesson is a table of all the materials needed for each lesson. Also, in the front of the teacher’s manual is a list of all the phonograms with examples and 2 tables demonstrating Common Core alignment.

Logic of English curricula can be purchase as a set or as individual pieces. The complete set of Foundations Level A is $213. Other sets and prices  can be seen at their store.


Lesson Outline

The lessons are well-laid out and require little prep time as most teaching is scripted; student answers are also included. The lessons are divided into focused sections:

Phonemic Awareness and Phonograms

This section is where the student becomes familiar with individual sounds and learn how to isolate and blend them. Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds is a colorful addition to learning the basic phonograms. Students are taught all major letter sounds right from the start.

Doodling Dragons


This sections is where the student works on their fine motor skills and learns to write either manuscript or cursive letters. Students can trace the tactile cards and practice writing on the white board. In the workbook, pencil practice can be done on one of four different sized lines; you can choose the one that is appropriate for your student’s skill-level.

Words and Reading

Further on in the curriculum, after some of the phonograms have been mastered, two new sections are introduced, Words and Reading, which includes blending sounds, reading sight words, learning vocabulary words, and spelling.

The lessons include many Side Tips, little bubbles containing suggestions to increase teaching effectiveness, add multi-sensory activities, introduce appropriate vocabulary words, and include different challenges.


Reviews and Assessments

Foundations Level A includes 8 reviews and built in assessments to ensure skill mastery.


My Opinion

My daughter loved this curriculum. She was always excited to do the lessons, be it phonics games or workbook activities. I thought Foundations Level A was a well-structured literacy curriculum that incorporated many learning styles and methodologies through kinesthetic, aural, tactile, vocal, and hands-on tasks and that kept engagement high with different, fun games and activities. I especially liked how they took the time to discuss the mechanics of speech, breaking down each sound by how the mouth is formed, where the tongue is, and whether or not the sound is voiced. I also loved how Foundations Level A allowed for me to tailor the lessons to my child’s skill level. It truly is an open-and-go curriculum: I did not have to spend a lot of time planning and prepping. I never worried if my daughter was learning enough because Princess Super Kitty’s skill and confidence was progressing so quickly. 

Brigit: Logic of English


Do you use Logic of English? What has been your experience with it? Let me know below.

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Logic of English Review
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  1. We are using Foundations A, and my son Silas loves it! It is a very thorough program, and great for his speech issues. The articulation tips are excellent.

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