Maple Leaves and Zoos

Image 153

This month, we …

  • Spent 2 weeks with Grandma in Canada. This is the first trip the kids have gone on a trip without me. The had a blast playing with cousins, camping, looking for treasure at the beach, having a Canadian birthday party, swimming, biking, going to the aquarium, and all around merry-making.
  • Saw Chinese alligators, rode the train, and “churned butter” at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  • Played checkers.
  • Met friends at the library for a movie.
  • Walked our dog.
  • Visited the new Asian Tropics Enclosure at the Knoxville Zoo.
  • Excavated arrowheads and gems.
  • Brushed a goat.
  • went to our first Junior Youth Camp where we had a week of singing, playing sports, crafting, eating, slip and sliding, and learning about the Lord.

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