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Math. I’ve always loved math as kid; however, my own kids have had varying responses to it, their attitude depending on the ease in which they grasp the concepts and the time it takes to complete the assignment. We’ve incorporated some fun, kinesthetic actives to our math drills, but I am always looking for ways to make math more enjoyable and weave it through other subjects to broaden its real-life application. That is why I was excited for the opportunity to review the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle by NatureGlo’s eScience.


The Product: MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle

The MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle comprised of 4 different online classes connecting math principles to art, history, science, and nature aimed at students 12 and up. Each class is 6 weeks long and is offered as a live course, but if the live class schedule conflicts with your own schedule, all the classes are posted to be watched at your convenience. Each week’s expectations are clearly outlined in the virtual classroom, and lesson tabs on the right easily guide you through each lecture, activity, project, and quiz.


Math Connections with the Real WorldGolden-Ratio-LifterLMS-Course-COVER-960X720

This was an interesting course introducing the history and application of the mathematical principle of the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers. Students learn to calculate it, draw, and recognize it in shapes, architecture, nature, and music. My son, who is younger than the targeted age, asked to take this course. I thought I could bridge the knowledge gap; however, I found he was intimidated by the formulas. I was able to get him to understand the basics by breaking it down to its simplest form. He did enjoy many of the activities  though including watching Donald in Magicland and measuring our bodies to see if we could find the Golden Ratio.


Other Courses

We weren’t able to fully experience the other courses, but I was able to browse the material:

MathArt in Ancient CulturesMathArt-in-Ancient-Cultures-Cover-720px

In this course, your student will study the mathematical systems of Ancient Babylonia, Ancient Greece, Ancient India, and Ancient Maya. Additionally, there are lessons dedicated to the Pythagoras Theorem and Moroccan Tiles.

MathArt in the Arts and Sciences


In this course, your students will combine the two sides of the brain by studying math through art. Lessons include studies of  Pierro della Francesca, Dante, Australian Aboriginal dot painting and Bark painters, Ancient Celtic history and art, patterns, and fractals.

MathArt: Patterns in NatureMathArt-Patterns-in-Nature-Cover-720px

In this course, your student will study the circular patterns in the puffer fish and nautilus, animal patterns in zebras, and geometric and hexagonal shapes in our world.


My Opinion

Each of the courses are expertly taught. There is no doubt that the information is well-researched and taught by a qualified instructor.

I love the options. We can choose to participate in the  live classes or do the classes in our own time. We can even choose which activities and projects we want to do.

The cost of the courses is a little pricier than other products I’ve reviewed, but you pay for a quality product with instruction and interaction from a live teacher.


Have you tried these or any of the courses offered by NatureGlo’s eScience? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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