Olivia: High Interest Learning

Dear Homeschooler,


 Here are some links to create an Olivia-themed learning unit.

Free Resources

Official Website: http://www.oliviathepiglet.com

Olivia free tv episodes here.

“O” is for Olivia.  Maze. Here.

Draw with Olivia. What are you thankful for? Here.

Olivia Match. Find the odd one out. Here.

Olivia Word Search. Here

Olivia the Actress. Complete Olivia’s outfit. Here.

What should Olivia be when she grows up? Word search here.

Olivia’s Garden Coloring Page. Here

Draw Olivia online. Here.

Olivia Valentines. Here.

Olivia photo frame party favor. Here.

Olivia Activity Pack. Here.

Author Study. Here.

Character study. Here.

Oliva the Pig Dress Up. Here.

Make pig ears and nose. Here.

Olivia straw toppers. Here.

Olivia Designer Dress-up Pack. Here.

Olivia Potty-training Chart. Here.

Olivia the Pig Snack. Here.

Kids-N-Fun Coloring Sheets. Here.

Pig Science for Kids: National Geographic Kids, Science for Kids, Facts and Worksheets

Pig-themed Math: 100 day activities, color by subtraction, money sort.



Have fun!



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  3. I have a 5 year old daughter, and although I’ve heard of Olivia, I hate to admit but I have no idea what the story is. My daughter is so obsessed with all things Frozen and Disney that we haven’t got around to other characters but I’ll put this on my list to look into.

    • My kids love Disney, too! It’s nice, sometimes, to find other characters. There is an original book and, of course, many follow up books and readers.

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