Scoops: Issue #2

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Dear Homeschooler: Here’s the scoop! Giveaways! Don’t forget that this week is the official launch week for Dear Homeschooler. Come on by each day to help shape the content that will be offered so that it is more beneficial to you! Don’t forget to enter for the free giveaways each…

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Launch Week Has Arrived!

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Dear Homeschoolers, Launch week has arrived! I am so excited to be sharing this with you. I created Dear Homeschooler to have way share my educational experience and passion of teaching and to create a homeschool community where we can encourage each other and our students on our path of…

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Schedules: Mapping Your Week

map schedules

Dear Homeschooler, One (very big) reason we homeschool is because homeschooling provides a way to completely customize our children’s education. Therefore, a day in the life of two homeschoolers, no matter how similar, will always be a little different, as each aspect is tailored to meet the needs and interests…

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