Peek into a Homeschooler Day of a Preschooler

Dear Homeschooler,

I recently posted ZooKid’s first grade schedule. Here is Princess Super Kitty’s Preschool Schedule.

Preschool Schedule

imagePrincess Super Kitty’s schedule follows closely with ZooKid’s schedule. During Science, Literacy, and Math, she starts out doing a ‘subject bucket’ which is a bucket of independent activities specific to the current learning matter. This keeps her occupied while I give ZooKid his lesson. Then, while ZooKid is doing his workbook/subject activities, I can give Princess Super Kitty her lesson. Other subjects like Zoology, History, etc., Princess Super Kitty will participate in the fun stuff (story/lecture, readings, experiments, etc.) and then do a Builder Bucket (Lego, tinker toys, K’nex, straws, puzzles, creative drawing, etc.) as pictured on the right. 

PSK preschool schedule 2015PNGPSK preschool schedule 2015 PDF 2ndpagePNG


Princess Super Kitty Hard at Work


Free Downloads

Download editable schedule template here.

Download editable preschool schedule here.


Do you have a preschooler? Or kindergartener? What does your schedule look like?


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