Picta Dicta Natural World: A Review

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We know there a vast selection of teaching methods. In fact, countless posts and websites are completely devoted to this subject, and while some of us stick closely to one particular teaching method, I find that most of us are fairly eclectic and use a conglomeration of methods. I find this true of myself. So, although I love the classical learning style, we are not 100% classical learners. I do incorporate many of their strategies into our learning, and that is why I was very excited for the opportunity to review Picta Dicta Natural World by Roman Roads Media.


The Product: Picta Dicta Natural WorldPictaDicta Natural World

Picta Dicta Natural World is a classical online program aimed building the latin vocabulary of elementary aged students. Focusing on the world around us, students will learn over 400 latin nouns that will help establish a foundation for continued lessons in latin and throughout their remaining classical education. Even if you are not following the classical teaching methods and have no intention of teaching latin, this course will still benefit your student by helping them making connections with  latin roots, which will build their vocabulary and help comprehension when encountering novel words.

Picta Dicta Natural World costs $49 for a 14 month subscription. Licenses for additional students can  be purchased for only $10 each. This online program can be used on both Mac and PC computers as well as tablets. Picta Dicta does offer other courses, such as Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder, and additional courses are coming soon.


Picta Dicta: Teaching Method

Picta Dicta has a See It. Hear It. Understand It philosophy. First, the student sees a beautiful illustration of the word they are learning. (We know our brain responds differently to pictures.) Pictures also increase engagement and fun. Then the student will hear the word, allowing them to make an auditory connection with the picture that is already in their mind. If the connection is still fuzzy, there is a full dictionary available that specifically identifies the English translation. Using all of these strategies helps ensure understanding and comprehension.

After the student understands the words, they practice by hearing and seeing the latin word and matching the corresponding picture.

Picta Dicta

Picta Dicta Natural World offers 6 different levels to help support the student ( or teacher) at the reading level they are at.  Each student is able to move at their own pace through the material, and the levels are able to be adjusted if needed. Additionally, worksheets can be downloaded for additional practice.

Picta Dicta

My Opinion

We, all, loved Picta Dicta Natural World. This satisfied my classical-leaning requirement. My kids asked to do it every day and really took control of their own learning within the program.


My kids were able to sit down and complete the lessons with minimal intervention. This was a life-saver when I needed a few minutes to get their next course ready.


Increased Comprehension of Novel Words

I was able to see the benefits quickly. My son got really excited coming across words in other subjects containing the latin roots that he had learned.  He was able to make a good guess at what the new word meant.


Levels That Fit

I really liked that the same material could be acquired using different difficulty levels. My daughter and son were working on the same words, but the reading requirement was able to be adjusted for the second grader and fourth grader appropriately. Here are  examples of the ‘Reader 1’ level and the highest ‘Express’ level:


Have you tried Picta Dicta Natural World? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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