Piratize Your Lessons: Talk Like a Pirate Day


Ahoy, Homeschoolers!

September 19th is ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ Day. Make the day extra fun by piratizing your lessons! Here are some ideas:


Get Into Character


Dress Like a Pirate:

  • Make a pirate hat and eye patch. Here. Or here.
  • Make a pirate sword. Here.
  • Make a hook. Here.
  • Download mask here.

Pirate Name: Find out your piraty name here.

Talk Like A Pirate

  • Talk Like a Pirate: Stuff for Junior Pirates. Here.
  • Ducksters. Here.
  • Puzzle Pirates: Vocabulary. Here.
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day Song. Here.


Piratize Your Literacy Lesson

  • Find piraty words from A-Z
  • Pirate ABC song. Here.
  • Alliteration and Adjectives. Here.
  • Pirate Acrostic. Here.
  • Language Worksheets. Here.
  • Pirate Map Literacy Ideas. Here.
  • Pirate Story by Robert Louis Stevenson. Here.
  • Vocabulary flash cards. Here.
  • Create a pirate dictionary
  • Books Suggestions: Here.


Piratize Your Math Lesson

  • Use Piraty pictures to teach/practice patterning.
  • Use doubloons for counting
  • Math Worksheets. Here.
  • Learn about Pieces of Eight and Doubloons. Here.
  • When You Add With A Pirate video. Here.
  • When You Subtract With A Pirate video. Here.
  • Online Pirate Multiplication Game. Here.
  • Online Place Value Game. Here.
  • Scholastic: Pirate-themed Math Activities. Here.
  • Math Ideas: Pirate Theme. Here.
  • Algebra: The Search for Pirate Treasure. Here.


Piraize Your History/Geography Lesson


Piratize Your Science Lesson

  • Pirate Science Ideas. Here.
  • Pirate-themed density experiement. Here.
  • Sid the Science Kid: Pirate Science Video. Here.
  • Science Pirate Songs: Hypothesis Song. Here.
  • How to make a compass. Here.


Piraty Crafts

  • Ship’s Log and Pirate Journal. Here.
  • Make a Pirate Ship. Here
  • Cut and Color mask. Here.
  • Design a Treasure Map. Here.
  • Design a Pirate Flag. Here.
  • Pirate Play Doh. Here.
  • Make a treasure chest. Printable crossbones and key/keyhole. Here.


Piraty Fun and Games

  • Pirate Songs. Here.
  • Puppets and Scripts. Here.
  • Behavior Reward Charts. Here.
  • File Folder Games. Here.
  • 20 Fun Piraty Activities. Here.
  • PE Pirate Ship. Here.
  • Online games. Here.
  • Pirate Sensory Ice Play. Here.
  • National Geographic Kids: Pirates. Here.


Great Links

The Homeschool Mom: Pirate Unit Study. Here.

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus: Pirates. Here.

Kindergarten Pirate Activities. Here.

Pirate Museum. Here.


Pirate Link-Up

pirateHomeschool Blogggers: Link-up your Piraty Activities here.


Homeschoolers: Check out the awesome pirate-themed posts here.



If you don’t want to change your current lesson plans, you can still piratize by using pirate-themed paper for writing (handwriting paper lined paper, or blank), count using doubloons, or use pirate alphabet cards. I’d love to see your piraty day! Upload pictures below! 

Have a grand ol’ day,


Piratize your lesson SQ



  1. Your kids are so cute in their pirate costumes. And what a great idea to have a themed school day, makes learning all the more fun. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us at the #LearningKid link-up. Looks like a great unit study.

  2. That’s so fun!who knew there was such a day?

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