Possums, Peachicks, and PE

Homeschool Highlights: Week of August 24, 2015

This week, we…image

  • pet a possum
  • gathered and recorded science data at the zoo
  • played with Legos at Brick Fest
  • stood under a giant chair with a horse on it when visiting a different library
  • made New England Clam chowder when studying Connecticut (Road Trip)
  • practiced our patterning
  • watched a movie about Columbus
  • painted cheetah heads
  • did tai chi for kids for PE
  • saw a row of peachicks
  • worked on robotics with our Snaps Circuits
  • went to the big pool (again, for PE)


Field Trip: Zoo

We went to the Denver Zoo for our field trip this week. We have a membership (an important part of any homeschool curricula 🙂 ), so we go multiple times a month. Princess Super Kitty is studying big cats in science, and ZooKid is studying grassland animals, specifically lions this week. These were our target animals. ZooKid gathered information about lions, took pictures, and filled out his SCIDAT book (ZooKid wants to be a zoologist when he grows up, so he is doing both the classical biology and the living zoology from Elemental Science — It seems like a lot, but he loves it!). Princess Super Kitty observed the lion and the tiger, informally interacted with the information, and drew pictures. 

Our zoo is having a temporary Lego exhibit, which made our trip that much more interesting. We saw a Lego lion, orchid, crane, snow leopard, and polar bear. We typically don’t cover the entire zoo every time we go, so the other Lego creations have been saved for a future visit. I know this exhibit has been at other zoos, so check out your local zoo to see if it is coming near you!

Adventure to Gem Lake

Our Sunday adventure took us to Estes Park up in the Rocky Mountains.  This hike was rated ‘family-friendly’, but it was admittedly a little challenging. There were a lot of steps and boulders to climb. The kids were troopers, though I feel like I won’t be able to move for a week. Gem Lake was serene, but full of tiny leeches. ZooKid was fascinated with them, exclaiming, “I’m a scientist!”

Sightings and interesting finds for future research:

  • rose hips
  • a neat purple beetle
  • scat
  • tiny leeches in the lake
  • a chipmunk
  • a dragonfly
  • a boot-shaped rock, supposedly called Paul Bunyan’s Boot

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