Prima Latina Complete Set: A Review

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Prima Latina Complete Set

I studied Latin in college — It was one of my favorite classes. It was taught by a very entertaining professor who made it so fun, and I’ve loved it ever since. I have been wanting to share my love of Latin with my children, but they are still pretty young. Although I am often drawn to the classical style of learning (and do incorporate some elements into my eclectic homeschool), we have not delved into studying the classical languages, but when the opportunity to review Prima Latina Complete Set by Memoria Press, I couldn’t pass it up. It was perfect timing, too, because we were studying Ancient Rome.


The Project: Prima Latina Complete Set

Prima Latina Complete Set contains everything you need to get started learning Latin:

  • Prima Latina: An Introduction to Christian Latin Student Book
  • Prima Latina: An Introduction to Christian Latin Teacher’s Manual
  • Prima Latina: An Introduction to Christian Latin DVD set
  • Prima Latina: An Introduction to Christian Latin Student CD
  • Flashcards

This curriculum is perfect for younger students like mine or those who want or need a slow-paced approach to learning Latin. It starts right at the beginning, studying letters and sounds. It is classically based, so there is lots of repetition and memorization. The student book in particular has students writing out vocabulary words and definitions, and flashcards are used to help remember target words and prayers.

Students begin each lesson by watching the DVD. The material is reinforced in the student book with activities such answering questions, reviews, translations, checklists, derivations, memorizing goals, etc. Check out an example of the student book here. The lesson can be further supported by using the audio CD and flashcards to re-listen to the lesson or play games.

There are 25 lessons, with the goal of completing one lesson per week. Each week, the student is introduced to new grammar concepts, latin vocabulary, corresponding English derivations, Latin phrases, and Latin prayers or hymns.


My Opinion

We really did have a great time studying Latin. My son loved the idea of learning the language of the Roman centurion. Here is what I liked:

Built-In Repetition

I truly believe repetition is a necessary tool for storing the material we learn in our long-term memory. The DVD, CD, student book, and flashcards provide this repetition to help solidify the material in their memory.

Multi-Sensory Approach

This curriculum provides the material in visual, audio, and kinesthetic formats through the watching the DVD, listening to the CD, writing in the student book, and playing games with the flashcards.


I love lessons I can pack up and do in the car on the way to soccer practice. I keep the CD in the car for just this purpose.

Overall, we loved the Prima Latina Complete Set and are looking forward to continuing on to the next level. Check out the other levels by Memoria Press here.

Have you ever used the Prima Latina Complete Set or other language curriculum by Memoria Press? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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