Pumpkins, Cookies, and Spiders, Oh My!


October was such a fun and busy month. This month, we…

  • Rode a horse
  • Saw a HUMONGOUS spider on its web
  • Went on a church camping trip and roasted marshmallows
  • Went to an airshow
  • Made an anemometer
  • Created the layers of the rainforest
  • Napped with the dog
  • Learned how to ride a two-wheeler
  • Made cookies, bagels, cupcakes, rice krispie pumpkins
  • Went to the pumpkin patch, went on a hay ride, ate cotton candy, drank apple cider, and picked pumpkins
  • Saw all the scarecrows in the local business scarecrow contest
  • Tested for the next belt level in Choi Kwang Do


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