Reading Eggs: A Review

Reading Eggs

Dear Homeschooler,

Practice. Practice. Practice. We know that to get better at any new skill, we have to practice. Repetition is such an important part of the learning process, but sometimes keeping interest and engagement high for everyday drills is challenging. I love reinforcing lessons with games. Computerized games are especially engaging for my kids; that is why I was very excited for the chance to review Reading Eggs, a fun online platform with 4 programs to help kids from age 2 to 13 learn to read and gain literacy and math skills.

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Reading Eggs

This program teaches kids ages 3-7 how to read. Kids create their own avatar and follow a lesson map with targeted lessons full of fun, interactive games and activities, learning phonics, sight words, reading rules, etc. They earn ‘eggs’ as they complete tasks that they can then ‘spend’ on items in the store.

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On the student dashboard, they are able to choose from a variety of activities including tasks in the lesson map, spelling practice, tests for letters and sounds, sight words, etc. and books to read.

Reading Eggs


Other Programs

Reading Eggs Jr.

This program is aimed at the littles ages 2-4. Here they will learn some mouse skills with fun cause and effect activities, sing songs, listen to stories, and match letters in the animal zoo. The brightly colored backgrounds and the fun, engaging characters are used to capture the interest of this younger audience.

Reading Eggspress

This program targets the older students ages 7 to 13. These student have passed the ‘learning to read’ stage and have graduated to  the ‘reading to learn’ stage. Lessons focus on literal and inferential understanding, vocabulary and proper usage, and text analysis and critical thinking skills.

Math Seeds

This program uses the same interactive, highly engaging platform to help children gain math skills. Lessons focus on numbers, operations, patterns and fractions, geometry, data, and measurement and are most appropriate for students kindergarten through second grade.

Assessment and Progress

Reading Eggs makes following your kid’s progress easy. The family dashboard provides easy access to all student accounts. There you can see the kid’s recent activity and where they are in reference to their long-term goals. When you first start, each student can take a placement test so they can start at the most appropriate place in the curriculum. Also, weekly updates are emailed to the parent, which are extremely helpful.

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Bonus Material

In addition to the four programs mentioned above, Reading Eggs provides many further resources:

  • Free Downloadable Activity Sheets
  • Parent User Guide: Useful information on how to use the program and make the most of learning opportunities.
  • Eggsperts: Fun videos focusing on phonemic awareness, word families, and tongue twisters.
  • Full 36 week Homeschool Scope and Sequence for grades kindergarten through second grade for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


Reading Eggs has been a bit hit in our family. Both my kids loved Reading Eggs and ask everyday to get on. They love personalizing the avatar and ‘spending’ their eggs on cool things in the ‘store.’ They are becoming stronger, more confident readers.

Have you tried Reading Eggs? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. If not, be sure to take advantage of the Free 4 Week Trial and see if it fits the needs of your family.

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Reading Eggs
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