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Last year, we wrapped up studying the Middle Ages by going to one of those Medieval Banquets with dinner and jousting. It was so much fun, and it really made history come alive for the kids. (We were going for fun — not historically accuracy.) Over the last few years, History has become one of their favorite subjects, and that is why I was extremely excited for the opportunity to once again to review another great product from Home School in the Woods.  Home School in the Woods promotes a hands-on history approach with their multiple products and product lines. We couldn’t wait to print off our digital version of  Project Passport World History Studies: Renaissance & Reformation and embark on our new adventure.

Home School in the Woods

Traveling to the Past

Pack a suitcase. Stamp your passport. We are off to the past. Our journey begins with  introduction of the Arabic Number System to Europe in the 12th century, and we travel through the 17th century walking alongside the great men and life-changing events of the Renaissance and Reformation.

Like the other items in Project Passport World History Studies line, the Renaissance & Reformation pack is jammed packed full of touristy activities designed to learn the most about this time frame:

Post Cards

Read postcards from kings, queens, explorers, and great thinkers and design the picture on the front.


Souvenirs & Gifts

Make these amazing time-appropriate projects:

  • Fresco
  • Springerle Cookies
  • Masquerade Mask
  • Poucet-Box
  • Sculpture
  • Crown
  • Tiara
  • Circlet
  • Ruff
  • Marbled Paper


Pinpoint people and events in history by making a pictorial timeline.


Art Techniques

Learn how to draw with chalk pastels, use the ‘Chiaroscuro technique,’ and learn about linear perspective.



Lapbooks are such a fun way to show what was learned. Fun booklets, pop-ups, and pull outs make writing and drawing information so engaging.



Color, label, and place icons of people and places on maps characterized by the following:

  • European Exploration and Colonizations of the New World
  • The Holy Roman Empire during the Renaissance
  • Counter Reformation
  • Swiss Confederacy during the Renaissance
  • France during the Renaissance
  • England during the Renaissance
  • Scotland during the Renaissance


Audio Tours

While coloring or drawing, “follow” the tour guide and listen while you make your way through cities and meet the great people of this time.


Shakespeare & Reformation Station

Be introduced to the plays and characters of Shakespeare and the works and values of the great men of the Reformation.



Learn the history of  the Lewis Chessman and how to play chess. Mercenary Madness is a great game aimed at reviewing all the specific information already learned.


Become a journalist by reporting on the events of the time and have some fun drawing ads for wanted items and businesses during the Renaissance.


My Opinion

We have tried many of the different products offered by Home School in the Woods, and we have loved them all. We especially like the Project Passport World History Studies line. Project Passport World History Studies: Renaissance and Reformation is no exception. History is presented in such a way that students of all learning types can enjoy it: It appeals to both my meticulous learner with the timelines and lapbooks and my artsy learner with the Souvenir projects, art techniques, and coloring.

It doesn’t teach history in isolation but incorporates art, science, literature, government, social studies, writing and/or copywork. I used it with my second and fourth grader. The information is a little advanced for them, but I found it to be easily modified. The activities are also easily modified to different levels.


New ProductProject Passport Ancient Rome

Home School in the Wood added another great option to their repertoire of amazing products. Check out Project Passport World History Studies: Rome.


Home School in the Woods: Product Lines


Have you tried any of the many products offered by Home School in the Woods? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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