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We can’t be expert teachers in all academic areas, right?  I admit that I am not an art teacher. I mean, I  am fine with arts and crafts, but I need guidance when teaching actual art techniques and styles. A while ago, I did a review of ARTistic Pursuits’s K-3 Book One. We liked it a lot, so when we were given an opportunity to review another one of their products, we jumped at the chance. I was extra excited to learn that ARTistic Pursuits Inc. now offers history-specific art programs, and we were able to receive one of ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray entitled The Art of the Middle Ages, which corresponded to our current history theme.

The Product: Art of the Middle Ages

 ARTistic Pursuits

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. ‘s Art of the Middle Ages is a K-3 art program that utilizes both traditional text and video learning to teach medieval artistic styles through a series of hand-on activities. Through 18 lessons, students will learn about and imitate Gothic, Romanesque, Byzantine techniques in activities involving mosaics, textiles, tapestries, illuminations, bindings, architecture, and more.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc.‘s Art of the Middle Ages makes teaching art so easy with prep notes, video lessons, and step-by-step project examples. A full supply list can be found at the beginning of the book. Lesson objectives for targeting skills and a bibliography for further learning can be found at the end.

There are 6 video lessons, which are all-inclusive — just gather the materials and press play!

ARTistic Pursuits: The Middle Ages

Each text lesson includes short prep notes that gives the teacher some pointers on teaching the upcoming history and activity as well as specific ideas how to teach the lesson a group. The lesson begins with a short history lesson which shows examples of the target art and makes a connection between the lesson’s art project and the medieval art it imitates. The art supplies needed for the lesson is also listed for a quick reference.

ARTistic Pursuits: The Middle Ages

Our Projects

Medieval Illumination

The first letter of a text in the Middle Ages  was big, colorful, and ornate, decorated with objects and color. Here are our Illuminations:

Paper Weave Beasts

In the Middle Ages, creatures were often portrayed intertwined. Here are our strange creatures woven together:

Straw Loom Weave

Many works of art were made by weaving materials together. Here are our woven creations:

My Opinion


I like how The Art of the Middle Ages uses both text and video instruction. The book also includes both photographs of authentic medieval art and examples of the art project.

Don’t Need to be an Art Teacher

As mentioned above, I am not an art teacher. I love how easy this program is to use and sets me up for success as a teacher.

Cross-Subject Learning

I love how I can use this to not only teach art to my children but also to reinforce the history lessons we already have been learning about.

Overall, ARTistic Pursuits Inc.‘s Art of the Middle Ages is a great companion to any history medieval curriculum. Have you tried this or any other of the wonderful products from ARTistic Pursuits, Inc.?   I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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