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Here is an older post that demonstrates the wonderfulness that is Ed Emberley. This is a great summer activity! Try taking it outside!


Overview: This book is a combination of two books (Fingerprint Drawing Book and Great Thumbprint Drawing Book) which uses thumb and finger prints made with ink to create fun pictures by adding simple lines, dots, and scribbles.  Usability: Extremely easy to use with clear, pictorial, step-by-step instructions. Targeted Group: Officially grades 1-4 (ages 6 and up) but younger children would enjoy it with some assistance. How my kids responded: My children loved it! My 6-year-old was getting frustrated with the more traditional ‘how to draw’ books and was never satisfied with the process or the end product. This book only requires small lines, dots, circles, etc. My son never had to ask for help. After doing just a couple of the easy ones, he was ready to conquer some of the harder ones. And at the end of one session, he was following the principles he had learned and was modifying and creating his own pictures. My three-year-old also loved it. She had fun doing the thumb/finger prints on her own. She needed some guidance to draw the figures, but she could do most of the straight lines and dots on her own when I showed her where to put them. My Opinion: I think this book was a great way to build confidence and learn the foundational principles of drawing. Children learn that with small modifications, they can express different emotions and actions. Children also work on following simple instructions and sequential ordering. Ways to incorporate the product into your lesson:

  • This product can be used as a series of art classes in and of itself.
  • This product can be used to support lessons. For example, my son will be using the Book of Animals as part of his Biology/Zoology science classes when he has projects that require drawing or part of his note booking activities.
  • This product may be used as a themed/holiday activity. For example, your student can create a garden or jungle scene.
  • This product may be used to help teach color and identification skills to toddlers and preschoolers.

Other products:

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Price: $11.99     Click here for Amazon Price!


  1. Very fun. I remember making greeting cards and note paper out of prints like this when I was a kid. So many creative options. Visiting from Coffee & Conversation.

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