A Review of Master Kitz The Starry Night

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My daughter is very creative. She would do arts and crafts every day and probably more than one a day. She is always excited to paint, and I get excited about a learning opportunity to explore new artists and techniques and art history. That is why we were both excited for the opportunity to review Master Kitz The Starry Night by Kidzaw.com.




The Product: Master Kitz The Starry Night

Master Kitz The Starry Night is a complete kit that teaches about the artist Vincent van Gogh, his evolution as an artist and an impressionist, and the hallmarks of his famous work of art ‘ The Starry Night.’ The kit comes with almost everything needed for the student to complete their very own masterpiece:

  • 2 paper canvases
  • blue acrylic paint
  • light blue acrylic paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • stencil
  • star stickers
  • textured roller
  • flat roller
  • instructions with short biography of Vincent van Gogh and timeline of impressionism


The supplies you must provide are a paper plate, tape, and perhaps an art apron.


My Girlie van Gogh

The instructions are easy to follow, allowing even young students to complete the steps fairly independently.

After securing the paper to the table and readying the paint, giant star stickers are placed on the upper half of the paper wherever the student wants. Then the student takes the textured roller and rolls the blue paint from edge to edge.



Adding white paint to the paint plate lightens the blue, and the student again uses the textured roller to add some shade variation to the night sky.



Peeling off the star stickers defines where the stars will shine.


Next, we add black to the paint plate.  After placing the large stencil over the artwork, the student uses a small roller to add the details of the town and fields.


Here is the blue print for our very own Starry Night masterpiece.


Once the paint dries, oil pastels are applied. We are instructed to color in the stars in a circular pattern and challenged to layer yellow, orange, and white to create depth and dimension. The student can then color the town however they want — dark, light, lines, circles, solids, etc. Here is where the student can really express their creativity.



The Final Masterpiece

The end product is so beautiful it is framable!


My Opinion


This project provides the structure needed to replicate a great work of art and imitate certain techniques but also allows for creativity and the ability for the student to make the art their own.


Minimal Mess and Time

The instructions and processes are concise and uncomplicated. The use of just one paint plate and simple tools allows easy clean up. Although several steps are involved, we didn’t have to wait long (or often at all) between steps, allowing the project to be executed and cleaned up within an hour.



We ended up with a beautiful finished project worthy of being hung on the wall. Even Grandma wanted to steal it.


Art knowledge and Skills

I loved learning that we could learn about the artist and actually get to see and use van Gogh’s techniques first-hand. We extended our learning with reading and videos on Vincent van Gogh, his artwork, and impressionism/post-impressionism.


We throughly enjoyed this project and look forward to doing more projects from Kidzaw.com‘s Master Kitz series. Have you tried Master Kitz The Starry Night  or any of the kits from Kidzsaw.com? I would love to see pictures and hear about your experiences.


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