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Dear Homeschooler,

Are you looking for a specific course or two  to add to your homeschooling docket? I was looking for a few electives to add to this semester’s course list, so I was very excited when I was given a chance to review‘s Yearly Membership. The courses offered are all self-propelled, so we were able to dive right in without waiting for a group class to start.

ZooKid is a first grader and Princess Super Kitty is in preschool, so we were perusing the elementary courses and chose a few options that really sparked an interest in my students, including Spanish, Hands-On Architecture, Dinosaurs and the Bible, and Hebrew. Since our schedule can only handle one additional subject at a time, we started the first of 34 weekly lessons in Spanish taught by the lovely Carol Henderson.

Starting our Spanish course was simple. There weren’t any forms to fill out or official enrollment to complete. We downloaded the lesson printables, and we were ready to go! The children watched a  7 minute video lesson where they learned a short Bible verse, Spanish vowel sounds, and a short phrase. ZooKid loved it and thought it was such fun! I loved how engaged they were, repeating the Spanish words. Except for printing out the lesson downloads, these lessons require zero planning time, which I love as I have little extra time and a lot of planning to do for other subjects.image


Another course we are taking advantage of is the EZ Tales Animated Books, which is a collection of short stories. Princess Super Kitty loves the fun little animations. It was a great way to keep her engaged while I taught ZooKid. We just have to press ‘play’ and off she goes!

image offers over 200 detailed courses aimed at students from Preschool through High School. Easily searchable by grade or subject, this comprehensive list of courses provides many options in the topics of Art, Computers & Technology, Language Arts, Electives, Math, Science, Foreign Languages, Drama and Speech, History and Geography, Bible, and more. All the planning has been done for you, so your time can be spent on other areas. The best part is that there aren’t any additional expenses — like textbooks, etc. — to purchase beyond basic school and art supplies. 


Additional Features

The yearly membership at provides many additional resources to help customize and support your homeschool experience. Here are a few of my favorites:

Planners, Checklists, and Record Keeping: These planners are customizable and a great way to stay organized.

Achievement Awards: Recognize your student’s hard work with an achievement award! There are many to choose from ranging from fun and colorful preschool ones to formal graduation certificates.


Focused Learning Centers: If you need a little help teaching a  particular skill, check out the resources here as there are many ideas on how to help your student master specific topics. There is also a Focused Learning Center specifically for Special Needs learning.

Affiliate Program: You are automatically enrolled in the affiliate program when you sign up. This may be of interest to all you bloggers out there. 

Live Chat: If you have a question, has someone online, waiting to interact with you and answer all questions you may have.


Bonus: Media Library

If all the benefits above weren’t enough, the yearly membership includes access to over 10,000 streaming videos for the whole family — It’s like a Christian Netflix! There are a variety of children’s shows, including What’s in the Bible?, VeggieTales, and Adventures in Odyssey. You can filter the video collections by topics (parenting, history, evangelism, finance, marriage, etc.) or by viewer (single, men, women, youth, etc.). There is something for everyone!


Membership Costs

Membership to is reasonable — especially if you consider the inclusion of the Media Library. It costs $12.95/month or $139 for membership for a whole year. This membership covers all individuals living in your home — there are not any additional per child fees. If you want to join now, use the code CREWFOLLOWER to get 50% off your first year’s membership! This code is good until January 31, 2016. Just click here or on the picture below to get started!


My Honest Opinion

For Middle and High School, I think this is a great resource. At this level, students require a more detailed approach, course-style, on specific areas and topics. The courses provided here are comprehensive and eligible as high school credit.

For Elementary, I think this is a great resource for content-rich and elective courses and supplemental learning. At this level, we are laying a foundation, specifically in literacy, for future learning, and it is important to follow a cohesive curriculum with a strong scope and sequence to ensure all literary components (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension) are being taught. I would definitely use the Language Arts courses to enhance my student’s learning in conjunction with a literacy curriculum. In other content-rich subjects like History, etc. where there is less of strong scope and sequence, provides great courses to use as electives or unit studies.

I hope you found this review helpful and informative. Feel free to share opinions or comment below.

Till Next Time,

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