Rollerblading and Pumpkin Pie

Homeschool Highlights: Week of October 10th, 2015image

This week we…

  • Smelled a ‘butterscotch’ tree
  • Pulled out the scooter
  • Crunched fall leaves
  • Learned about the ‘silent e’
  • Ate pumpkin pie for breakfast
  • Went rollerblading by the lake
  • Had a picnic
  • Did mermaid yoga
  • Made a Cheeto skeleton

Canadian Thanksgiving

While Americans were observing Columbus Day, we, Canadians (or in our case, transplanted Canadians), celebrated Thanksgiving. I made my Cherry Bourbon Turkey with all the fixings (minus the mashed turnip as I am the only one who likes it). We made thankful turkeys using free paint sample cards. I missed my family and friends a little more that day.


Lair o’ the Bear Park

We took our learning outside with our homeschool group to a wonderful park in the mountains. We hiked along the river and up the mountain a short ways. The leaves this time of year are gorgeous. Our wonderful guide showed us many new…pointing out many types of trees, seeds, lichen, etc. We sniffed a tree that smelled like butterscotch… I was so tempted to lick it! Our guide gave all the kids cameras to take pictures as we hiked along. They loved it! Afterwards, the kids had a blast playing together.

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