The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Another Review of WorthyKids

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Do your kids like to read? Mine do. They like to read all kinds of books from nonfiction to classics to comic books. I am always looking for quality reads to interject in between their fun reads. That is why I was excited for the opportunity to review The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls by WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.

Here’s the premise of the series: While visiting their Uncle Solomon, siblings Peter and Mary (and their dog Hank) discover a trove of secret scrolls that transport them back in time to different events in the Bible. They interact with Biblical characters and get to witness first-hand the stories we only read about. Here’s the trick though: they have to solve the mystery of the scroll, or they will be stuck in the past forever.


Book #3: The Great Escape Hidden Scrolls

My fourth grader read the third book in the series entitled The Great Escape. He is an avid reader. He found this book to be an easy read and read it in a couple of hours. He said it was very interesting and wants to continue reading the other books in the series. He says he enjoyed the story and thought it was more intriguing than other versions of Bible stories.

I asked him to share a summary and his thoughts on the book:




Book #4: Journey to JerichoHidden Scrolls

My second grader read the fourth book in the series entitled Journey to Jericho. She took a little longer to read the book, but I think that the reading level was on-par with her skill level. She averaged about one chapter every 15 minutes.


I asked her some questions about the story:

Do you like Peter or Mary better?

I like Peter the best because he talks the most and is more adventurous. He is also most kind because he wanted to help a girl in trouble, and Mary didn’t because she thought they would get caught.

What is your favorite part?

My favorite part is when Peter saved the girl’s life when the bullies came.

Do you like the story?

Yes, because it is fun.

Do you wish you could use the scrolls and go back in time?

No, because what if you don’t complete the challenge? Then you would have to stay in the Bible story for the rest of your life. You would never seen your parents again.

Do you want to continue reading other books in this series?




There you have it. Kid-approved! If you are looking for early reader chapter books that are interesting and Bible-based, check out this series. Check out other great reviews about these books by clicking the ‘Homeschool Review Crew’ banner below.   Also look at my review of books #1 and  #2 of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series.

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