September Travels to Canada

september 2018


Dear Homeschooler,

September was an exciting month for us. We spend the majority of the month in western Canada with family and friends to be a part of the wedding of my brother-in-law. We brought modified lessons with us as we didn’t want to bring lots of books on the plane. We laughed. We learned. We had a wonderful time.


  • Made new friends
  • Saw a herd of wild (but protected) buffalo
  • Toured and learned about the various equipment involved in the mining processes in northern Alberta
  • Played at new parks
  • Saw 2 black bears
  • Skipped rocks in the lake
  • Read in the car… in the airport… on the plane… in the hotel… 🙂
  • Played with cousins we haven’t seen in 2 years
  • Cooked for a big group
  • Watched an elk being prepared for the freezer
  • Played in some September snow
  • Saw a beaver working on his dam
  • Went to the barn and learned how cows are milked
  • Went to the movies
  • Ate lots of Canadian treats, including poutine, Coffee Crisps, Eat Mores, Fuzzy Peaches, and Tim Horton’s.
  • And, of course, joined in the happy festivities and welcomed a new member to the family.


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