Shells, Tree Frogs, and Venus Fly Traps

This month, we….

  • Chatted with a tree frog
  • Worked on our research lap books (subjects: food chains and horses)
  • Schooled with Dad at the helm (while Mom was on ‘Momcation’  at the beach, looking for dolphins and shells and parasailing)
  • Hiked  and played in a creek with friends
  • Went swimming and built sand castles at the beach for the first time this year!
  • Dawned our toques blanches and cooked healthy meals in the kitchen
  • Finished our co-op classes
  • Graduated to a ‘Yellow Senior’ belt in Choi Kwang Do
  • Practiced for the upcoming dance recital
  • Read a new series of books (Origami Yoda Files by Tom Angleberger and Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott)
  • Observed and read about our new Venus flytrap


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