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Smart Kidz Radio
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Smart Kidz Radio

Listening to the radio can be tricky with kids.  I’m thinking specifically about music like KidzBop that have kids singing popular songs. Now, some of these songs aren’t bad, but the biggest issue I have with them is this: Kids are singing about adult situations. Why are twelve-year-olds singing about heartache and infidelity? I don’t need my 6 year-old singing about this. That is why I was excited for the opportunity to review Smart Kids Media, a free radio station with optional on-demand programing designed specifically for kids.


The Product: Smart Kidz Radio

Smart Kids Radio is a fun, wholesome radio station targeting kids ages 2-10 with songs about life skills and good morals. You can sign up for free and stream hours of songs on the radio and listen on your computer or in the car on your phone.

The online interface is simple and easily navigable.

smart kids radio

Clicking on the ‘Menu’ button, opens options to additional player apps. You can view your local weather forecast and traffic maps, request specific songs, and read some helpful hints in the ‘Help’ section. My favorite extra feature is the ‘Podcasts.’ Here we found dramatized fairy tales and some songs, perfect for listening to while playing with LEGOS.


On-Demand Radio Programs

Smart Kidz Media also offers over a thousand stories and songs as part of their On-Demand program, available for only $3.99/month.

smart kids radio



My Opinion

My six-year-old daughter loved the songs and stories and would listen to them when coloring or cleaning her room. The songs were fun and engaging, and I loved watching my daughter dance around. She could listen as much as she wanted, and I didn’t have to worry about inappropriate topics. We, especially, loved the audio stories; my daughter would listen to them at night when she went to bed.


Have you listened to Smart Kids Radio? If not, sign up for free and start tuning in.

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