Spanakopita, Eggs, and Paper Mache

Homeschool Highlights: February 2017

Homeschool Highlights

This month, we…

  • Made a paper mache helmet and cat head
  • Made lasagna
  • Read eggs (All About Reading, Level 1)
  • Participated in the Homeschool Science Fair in our county (and won first place in our age group)
  • Spanakopita, saganaki, dolmades, gyros, and souvlaki (after a unit study of Ancient Greece)
  • Increased skills in basketball and cheer
  • Became a Greek hoplite and Greek girl in a peplos
  • Wrote to our pen pals in Colorado
  • Baked and iced a cake from scratch — girliest cake ever with pink cake and purple icing
  • Got creative with Legos (We love those Legos!)


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