Spelling In Pictures

Dear Homeschooler,

spelling in picturesHere’s another fun way to spruce up spelling drills! I take a black sharpie and draw a simple picture on a white piece of paper. So simple, yet so effective! ZooKid LOVES choosing what picture he wants to spell in. 

Here’s some tips for creating pictures to spell in:

  • Incorporate high-interest subjects (e.g. dinosaurs or super heroes)
  • Pick a picture that has boxes or lines (e.g. brick wall or lion)
  • If a picture doesn’t have lines, draw them in (e.g. pterodactyl or dinosaur)
  • If you aren’t artistic, draw lines in geometric shapes, use spirals, or use coloring books.
  • Have students write words in shapes (e.g. leaves or shark fins)


If you want other ways to make spelling drills more fun, check out 10 Ways to Increase Engagement in Spelling. What do you do to make spelling drills more exciting? I’d love to hear about it. Tell me below in the comments and perhaps upload a picture!

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