Summer Book Club: North America

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Onward with the Summer Book Club, hosted by Jamie at Simple Homeschool and Sarah at Tell Your Story. Last week was…

North america

I was excited about this week because, as a transplanted Canadian living in the states, I jump at the chance to share about my homeland with my kids. My children, of course, have made numerous trips to Canada to visit my family, all of which reside there today. While tracing the North American map, we made sure to locate various relatives and friends. We even plotted ways to drive there for a visit. Now we just need the funds and the time for a vacation! 🙂


Remembering Lessons Past

Last year, we studied Native Americans, with focus on their dwellings. This was a great opportunity to review some of the lessons and refresh our memories.

Kwik Stix 16 drawing native americans


We also listened to this song about 100 times, trying to memorize the 50 states last year. What’s one more time, right?


We also checked out some of our trips to National Parks and Monuments.

Smoky Mountain National Park

Chaco Culture National History Park

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Rocky Mountain National Park


If you are planning a trip to a National Park or Monument, be sure to check out their Junior Ranger Program. It’s free, educational, and fun!

Junior ranger chaco

Check out these North American resources from the Summer Book Club. What are your favorite books and resources on North America? I’d love to hear about it below.

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