Summer Book Club: Africa

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Last week’s theme in the Summer Reading Club hosted by Jamie at Simple Homeschool and Sarah at Tell Your Story  was…


We made our weekly trip to the library and found some of the books on Jamie’s reading list.  We also printed out the maps and found and colored Africa. Check out the Summer Book Club: Africa Week for more information and resources.

Summer Book Club

Africa is such a big theme! You really could target so many different subjects: the animals, the countries, the different peoples, the geography, the history, the art, etc. I had to harness my compulsion to do EVERYTHING, and just enjoy a laid-back, summer, interest-based approach. We enjoyed our reading selections immensely. We, of course, went to the zoo and looked at African animals. Here are some of the fun resources I came across based on the interests of my kids:



  • Time for Kids: Swahili
  • Dino Lingo: Try a lesson in Swahili for free
  • Translator: English into Swahili






You Tube videos on Africa animals, geography, facts, etc.

If you have Netflix, check out these titles:

  • Africa
  • Africa’s Deadliest (National Geographic Wild)
  • Wildest Africa

If you have Amazon Prime, check out these titles:

  • IMAX Africa The Serengeti
  • Wild Africa
  • Predators: Survival of the Fittest
  • Reader Digest’s Animals Are Amazing
  • Elephants, The Whole Story
  • Valley of the Golden Baboon
  • The Lion’s Share


Are you joining in on the Summer Book Club? It’s loads of fun! Did you do anything super fun during Africa Week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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