Super Teacher Worksheets: A Review

 Super Teacher Worksheets

Dear Homeschooler,

Worksheets. There are so many downloadable printables available, and I have wasted a lot of time scouring an endless search page for the specific worksheets I’ve needed. I’ve tried a lot of different resources over the years, but I have not found a site I like as much as Super Teacher Worksheets. It is easy to find exactly what topic and level I want, and its individual membership of $19.99 for a year fits into my budget.

The Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets  have printables available for grades PreK through 5th grades on many different topics and subjects:


So many maths sheets are available ranging in topics from simple addition and subtraction to fractions, exponents, and the Pythagorean Theorem. Some are straightforward fact sheets, and some are fun math riddles and color-by-numbers.

 Super Teacher Worksheets

Reading and Writing

Super Teacher Worksheets offers a reading comprehension pack for grades 1 -5 as well as printables for punctuation, writing practices, and handwriting sheets.

 Super Teacher Worksheets

Phonics and Early Literacy

These worksheets focus on areas an emergent reader will want to practice; alphabets, letter sounds, word families, and sight words.

 Super Teacher Worksheets


Both printing and cursive worksheets are available for each capital and small letter.



Practice those grammar concepts with printables on parts of speech, articles, punctuation, contractions, homophones, voice, etc.



Super Teacher Worksheets offer a full spelling unit for grades 1 – 5 and a special Christmas spelling unit for the holidays.

Chapter Books

Whether you are reading aloud or your student is reading independently, a full array of questions, activities and writing prompts for many popular titles such as Charlotte’s Web  and The Boxcar Children. See a list of titles here.



Here you’ll find many printables on biology, anatomy, electricity, dinosaurs, nutrition, physical science, and more. Do a fun unit on owls and owl pellets, complete that science project for the science fair, or study volcanoes.

 Super Teacher Worksheets

Social Studies

Here you’ll find worksheets are maps, peoples, countries, and American history.



Do some fun activities around the holidays, including seasons, Dr. Seuss’s birthday, 100th day of school, and Chinese New Year.


Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Want to add a little fun to your learning? Add some dot-to-dots, crosswords, cipher wheels, mystery math pictures, and word-mazes.


Pre-K and Kindergarten

There are even tons of basic worksheets for the littles: colors, letters, numbers, cutting, left/right, shapes, etc.

 Super Teacher Worksheets

WorkSheet Generator

This worksheet generator allows you to use your current spelling words or vocabulary words to create a word search. Its fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice generator allows you to create your own tests and reviews quickly.

Click here to check out the full index of available worksheets.

How We Used It

I found Super Teacher Worksheets extremely helpful in reinforcing the current concepts we are already learning. My kids often start their day with a fun math worksheet to help review what they already know.

Super Teacher Worksheets

ZooKid is really working hard to memorize the times tables. Super Teacher Worksheets has many worksheets that we use almost daily. We use the drills sheets to time his speed and assess his recall.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Princess Super Kitty started using the spelling lists available on Super Teacher Worksheets. We use these lists as a basis for writing out words and reading memory work.


I also used the Worksheet Generator to make word searches for vocabulary and spelling words.

Super Teacher Worksheets

I love Super Teacher Worksheets. They have such an array of subjects and grade levels, and they add new worksheets every week! Have you tried any of the worksheets from Super Teacher Worksheets? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Super Teacher Worksheets
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