Read, Write, & Type: A Review

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How old were you when you learned to type? I didn’t have Typing Class until high school, but our tech-savvy world dictates we introduce Typing Class a lot earlier. This is why I was so excited for the opportunity to review Read, Write, & Type by Talking Fingers, Inc.


Read, Write, & Type

Read, Write, & Type is an digital program (available both online and in CD format) that combines phonics, reading, spelling, and typing into one interactive, learning game. This research-driven program has 40 engaging lessons and is recommended for students ages 6-8. With just 15 minutes a day, noticeable improvement in students’ literacy and typing skills has been seen. Its multi-sensory approach reaches students of all learning types by having them see the letter/word, hear the sound/word, say the sound/read the word, and spell/type the letter/word.

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The Story

The student enters a world of fun and fantasy and is introduced to two groups of letter tenets, such as Cass, the Cat,  who live in two buildings in the city. These characters want to write their stories down, but a pesky virus named Vexor wants to have some fun and steals all the tenets, challenging the student win them back. With the help of Lefty and Righway, the helping hands, the student is directed through a series of interactive games to beat Vexor and get the letter tenets back.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review
Vexor is a mischievous villain and occasionally hijacks the student and takes them to his spaceship where he keeps them until assessment-based games are won.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review
At the completion of each level, the student is rewarded with a ribbon and a certificate showing their speed and score.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

English As Second Language

Although Read, Write, & Type is aimed for early elementary students, it is also a great resource for those learning English as a second language. It breaks down the sounds, giving practice not only to blending but also to fluency and reading comprehension. It has options for directions and help in 9 languages


ZooKid Loves Read, Write & Type

ZooKid loved Read, Write, & Type right from the start. He never wanted to stop after the recommended 15  minutes. He already was a strong reader, so the phonics, spelling, and reading portions came pretty easy to him. We really focused on his typing as this was his first time using a typing program. I had to watch him in the beginning to make sure that he used the proper finger placement. There were times when he would get frustrated, but with encouragement and breaks, he was able to make great progress.


My Opinion

This program is way better than how I learned to type: The boring  and repetitive aba, aba, aba on the electric typewriter, screenless and colorless. The colorful stories and interesting characters of Read, Write, & Type keep students engaged, and the fun, interactive games provide the practice and repetition needed to really acquire and keep the new skills. We enjoyed this program and will continue it to the last level.


Have you used Read, Write, & Type? I’d love to hear about. Comment or upload a picture below.

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Talking Fingers Inc. Review
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