Teaching Younger Students the Scientific Method

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We love doing science experiments! They are engaging, hands-on visual demonstrations of our learning. I make my second-grader fill out lab reports to help him think through each step. Most science curricula include these reports, but they are — obviously — aimed at those students who can read and write.

What About My Kindergartener?

My kindergartener is an emergent reader and writer. She is doing very well with her lessons in All About Reading Level 1 and Handwriting Without Tears, but she is still not a fluent reader, and I want each activity to have meaning to her. The lab reports I had were not functional for her, so I created my own lab report.

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Visual Process

Visual learning has been proven to be advantageous for all ages, but I dare say it is crucial for young learners. This report has the scientific method visually displayed so the non-fluent reader can follow along with the process.


Choose Output Method

As you go through the steps of the scientific method, you can direct your student to the squares where you can choose how your student shows his learning. They can draw pictures, write, or both!


Making Connections

The labels under the picture are simplified to help students understand the step; however, to bridge their learning, I retained the formal terms in the boxes. You may or may not stress these terms, but I find exposure is a vital step to bridging the gap between knowledge a priori (information already known) and that what you want them to learn. I also included questions to help your student get thinking!

Example: Tornado Experiment

We recently did the tornado experiment using two soda bottles. It was a bust ( I don’t think our connection was strong enough), but it was still a good example of the process.

Example scientific method

My kindergartener used a combination of writing and drawing. I labeled some of her pictures so everyone could see that there actually is meaning to her scribbles. 🙂


Free Download

correct scientific method copy

This visual lab report definitely helped my kindergartener understand the scientific method. I plan to continue using it until she become a gluten reader. If you think it will help your student, click here to download this free lab report.





How do you do show your learning during science experiments? I’d love to hear about it. Comment or upload a picture below!

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