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They did it again — an amazing new story from G. A. Henty is here to whisk you away on an adventure in the past. Heirloom Audio introduces their new audio theater production For The Temple, a captivating story of the First Roman-Jewish War in AD 66. We were so excited for the opportunity to listen and review yet another great Heirloom Audio product.

Every production from Heirloom Audio tows a standard of story mastery, and For The Temple does not disappoint. Each element from the voice talent to the sound effects and music work together to completely enfold you in the story.
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The Story

For The Temple opens on a Jewish young man named John whose whole life ambition is to live a simple life on his family’s farm near the Sea of Galilee.  After a chance meeting with Josephus, the leader of a Jewish contingent resisting Roman rule, John is convinced to fulfill his duty  as a Jew to “protect the Temple” in Jerusalem from the Romans by joining forces with Josephus. After fighting many battles and learning a lot about warfare, John heads up his own cohort after the capture of Josephus, avoiding a full confrontation with the Roman army but harassing their troops on the fringes with great success. Eventually, John hears that Rome is marching on Jerusalem, and he is honor-bound to go and protect the Temple; however, when he reaches Jerusalem and confers with the different zealot leaders there who have been ravishing each other and their own citizens, he comes to the conclusion that his own people had forsaken their duty long ago  and that he is unable to reverse the events already in motion.

Near the end of the story, we see John contemplating the true meaning of the Temple of God, concluding that He who fills the temple is more important than the stone that surrounds it.



Extending Your Learning

You can listen to For The Temple for pure enjoyment and entertainment, or you can incorporate it into your school day and extend your studies in history, geography, literacy, and more.

Study Guide

Heirloom Audio provides a study guide to help further your studies. It includes many helpful resources including comprehension and discussion questions, vocabulary lists, and a reading list for older students who want to read more on this historical event. Bible studies entitled ‘No Other Savior,’  ‘Proper Worship,’  and ‘Christ Our Temple’ are outlined and include Bible verses and topics to ponder. Throughout the study guide, you will also find pop-up boxes full of interesting and related information, including Josephus, Food in Ancient Jerusalem, Gideon’s Army, Vespasian & Flavian Ampitheatre, Sabbeth & Shabbat, Siege of Jerusalem.

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Further Studies

This story sparked our interest, and we decided to look further into the historical events the story is based on. Using both the study guide and Internet, we delved deeper into the history and geography of Jerusalem and surrounding areas during the first century, specifically about the First Jewish Revolt (AD 66-70).


The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty

For The Temple is just one of many audio theater productions that Heirloom Productions has produced based on the books series The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty.

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