Total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Full Moon

lunar eclipse

Dear Homeschooler,

Have you heard the news? This week we will be able to witness a rare event: a total eclipse of a super full moon, which only occurred 5 times in the 1900s and will not happen again until October 8, 2033! If you are in the eastern and central regions of the United States and Canada, viewing is from moonrise to midnight on the eve of September 27th. Western United States and Canada will miss the beginning stages of the eclipse because it will happen before moonrise. See a map of the visibility here. Take advantage of this extraordinary learning opportunity!


Lapbook and Observation Chart

Take some time to do a little learning! This lap book, available for free download, is adaptable for most age groups. I plan on doing ‘the inside’ before the eclipse to build a foundation and understanding of what they will be looking at. If you don’t have time (or only have time for part of it), don’t sweat it! Teach it after as a support lesson to further their learning. Choose what you want to focus on and how you want to teach it. You can adapt the lap book for many levels: Have your students draw, trace, copy, or write information!

Here’s what the inside looks like:image

First Inside Page:

Lunar Eclipse Book: Staple the pages together to make a  layered book. Answer the questions by drawing, tracing, copying, or writing.

Vocabulary Book: Staple the pages together to make a  layered book. Define the words by drawing, tracing, copying, or writing.

Moon Book: Use a brad, string, or staple to make this book. Learn 3 new things about the moon and draw, trace, copy, or write them here.

Phases of the Moon Flap: Fold accordion-style. Learn about, draw, and label the phases of the moon.









Front Page: Glue the front page on a file folder. Have your student fill our their name, grade, the date of the eclipse, and where they observed it from. This will also serve as a great momento, as they will probably watching the next total lunar eclipse of a super full moon with their own children. (What a great ‘I remember when…’ story! 🙂 )



Note: Make sure you glue this cover sheet on after you insert the brad for ‘The Moon’ book.

Second Inside Page:

Men on the Moon: Read, research, watch a video, etc. on the moon landing in 1969. Focus on what is interesting to your students. Points of interest may include Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, space crafts, the gear of an astronaut, living in space, copywork (“One small step….”), etc.

The Moon in Literature: Discover and discuss the moon in literary terms. Read stories and poems. 

Younger students: Hey, Diddle, Diddle or The Man on the Moon, Good Night, Moon, Lily and the Moon, etc. Copy a line from your favorite story or glue on pictures e.g. a cow jumping over the moon. 

Older students: Write a short story with the moon in it. Write a poem or haiku. Write sentences about the moon using a simile, a metaphor or               personification.  What part does the moon play in mythology, legends, or religion? Get creative!


Back Page: Glue the observation chart on the back page. Every 30 – 45 minutes during the eclipse, have your student observe and draw the moon. Record the time on the line provided. Support your student as needed. If they haven’t learned to tell time, have them copy it from a sibling, or you can write it in for them.



Free Download

Lunar Eclipse Front page

Download the Total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Full Moon lap book and Observation Chart here.




Links About the Eclipse on Sunday, September 27th 

Rare Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Is Less Than A Week Away – DOGO News

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Sunday’s lunar eclipse will also feature a ‘Supermoon’ – USA Today

2015 Solar Eclipse – YouTube SciShow Kids


You Tube Videos 

Phases of the Moon Explanation for kids. Here.

Moon Phases for Preschool and Kindergarten. Here.

How does the moon shine? Here.

Story of Apollo 11 and the first men on the moon. Here.

Moon Song Video. Here.

Moon Songs for Kids. Here.

NASA: Tour of the Moon. Here.

Moon Facts for Kids. Here.


Have a great time! I’m looking forward to this! Afterwards, come back and tell me all about it!

Till Next Time,



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  2. Awesome! 🙂 I’ve watched the last 3 with my daughter but haven’t had the chance to do much learning about lunar eclipses with her, so this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing at the Learning Kid link-up.

    • Melanie, it’s so awesome that you and your daughter do this kind of thing – making memories that will stay with her forever. We missed the first three eclipses, so better late than never for us, I guess. 🙂

  3. I loved the eclipse! I wanted to let you know you will be featured this week on Laugh Learn Linkup. Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. We are going to be cloudy on the 27th and might miss it. Such a bummer!

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