Visiting Noah’s Ark

Dear Homeschooler,

It’s a rare opportunity to be able to able to experience significant events in history, but this is exactly what we got to do when we visited the Ark Encounter. In Williamstown, Kentucky, a life-size ark, built as close to the specifications that God gave Noah as possible, awaits all those who have ever wondered what it was actually like to walk in Noah’s shoes. The sheer size of this floating zoo is awe-inspiring — and to think it was build without modern machines is just incredible.

The Ark has several floors, and we can see how Noah and his family may have housed and cared for all the animals. It is interesting to posit the different innovations they may have implemented to make their chores easier. An interesting video shows an interview with Noah and details the amount of work that was involved in building the ark as well as the public distain he must have had to endure.

Although this museum is probably too polished  (and definitely TOO CLEAN!), it does set the mind questioning and thinking not only about the hows but also about the whys and its pertinence to our own lives today. Check out our photos below.



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