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We can teach our students ANYTHING, but it helps if we are organized and focused in what and how we are going to teach. I use a lot of planned curricula that already has detailed lesson plans included, which is great! It is definitely a time-saver, but there are specific units or holiday, themed, or interest-based lessons that I want to add, and these I have to plan myself. There is tons of information online about lesson planning. Most of them require a lot of writing and time. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of extra time to write detailed lesson plans, so I designed a simple, visual one. 


Components of a Lesson Plan

Lesson: What is your lesson about? Try not to be too general. For example, ‘Science: Electricity’ may be too broad. Instead, try being more specific, such as ‘Science: Making a Simple Circuit.’

Objectives: What specifically do you want your students to take away from the lesson?

New Vocabulary: What vocabulary are you going to introduce?

Instruction: How are you going to teach? Lecture, worksheets, reading aloud, reading silently, movies, other visuals, etc.

Differentiation: Are you teaching the same lesson to multiple grade levels? Do your students require different teaching methods? Are you going to require activities according to skill levels?

Activities: How are your students going to show their learning? I like to include activities that I think appropriately show the lesson objectives (teacher-led activities) as well as activities that allow the student to have some control in their learning and allows the student to be creative.


Visual Lesson Plan

All the necessary components of a good lesson plan can be found in the visual format below. You can type, write, scribble, draw, etc. in the boxes and be fully prepared to teach any subject.

lesson plan template


Example Lesson Plan

lesson plan example


Free Download 

lesson plan templateDownload the free lesson plan template. Download an editable Word template here.
Do you have a preferred way to organized and format your lessons? I’d love to see it. Comment or upload a picture below. 

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  2. This is wonderful! I like creating lesson plans. It’s one of my most favorite things to do! I am currently creating one on The States of Matter for 2nd grade. I use a very similar format. I think it came from one of the Waldorf Homeschool books. In differentiation besides the age modifications, I also like to note how to make it simpler and harder based on the energy level that day. Because with three kids it might get a little loud and confusing and when we are in the middle of it and I try to keep everybody focused and eyes on the goal, it might be difficult to remember how to scale it up or down.

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