Water Balloons, Slip ‘N Slides, and Fun in the Sun











This week, we…

  • Enjoyed the summer sun
  • Went on a hike around Bluff Lake with Friends
  • Played in a natural tree dome fort
  • Bought new summer reading books (LOVE 2nd and Charles!)
  • Had a water balloon fight (with the fill 30 balloons in 30 seconds — Awesome!)
  • Slipped and slid
  • Put wildflowers in our hair
  • Rolled down a grassy hill
  • Went on a spontaneous road trip to Mount Rushmore
  • Became Junior Rangers (again 🙂 )
  • Talked about flags
  • Listened to Princess music 🙂
  • Learned about 4 presidents (Can you guess which ones?)
  • Scooted to Dad’s work
  • Played chess and checkers


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