WAY Comes Home Kit: A Review

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Do  you teach a health class? I never have. We’ve discussed making healthy food choices and did team sports (That’s PE, right?), but I’ve never investing in a course dedicated to teaching students the importance of wellness and how to get there. That is why I was really excited for the opportunity to review the WAY Comes Home Kit by HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company.


What’s in the Box?


  • WAY Comes Home Parent Guide
  • Health Safari Student Workbook
  • Me Mysteries Student Workbook
  • Innterspace Adventure! Student Workbook
  • WAY Comes Home DVD
  • WAY Comes Home to MyPlate
  • My Pyramid poster
  • Stethoscope
  • Three baskets
  • Stamp pad
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scale
  • Two foam balls
  • Glitter
  • Cardstock with flash cards, vocabulary cards, masks, etc.

WAY Comes Home Kit: The Product

The WAY Comes Home Kit is a great way to introduce health concepts to one or a group of elementary students K-5. It is jammed packed with great interactive activities to get the kids to really understand the lessons. Most supplies you would need for the activities are common household items; the objects that arent’ are included in the kit. The DVD provides fun videos to introduce the topics. Further discussion and learning occur as you do the activities and go through the workbooks.

The WAY Comes Home Kit has 5 units or modules each with 3 leveled lessons. Each lesson outline contains the following sections:

Parent Prep: Background information to prepare you to teach the lesson.

Lesson at a Glance: See exactly the supplies you need, the optional library books, and  new vocabulary words.

What To Do: Step-by-step instructions on how to teach the lesson and guide students through the activities.

Include Me, Too! Ideas on how to incorporate other levels.

Art Attack: Ideas to get those creative juices flowing with a project that artfully demonstrated current learning objectives.

Weekends with WAY: Additional ideas to continue the learning.

WAY More Resources: Further resources and websites.

WAY More Fun: Learn more fun facts!

Pray & Reflect: Versus, prayers, and quotes to inspire.


Three Levels

The WAY Comes Home Kit is designed for elementary students K-5, but unlike many other programs who span these grade levels, HomeSchool Scholastics does not leave it up to you to differentiate for each grade. Each unit or module contains lesson plans for three different levels, so although all elementary students are learning the same overarching topic, they are taught age-appropriate information and activities. There are even suggestions on how to get the different levels to interact within the other’s lessons.

Each level has their own journal or workbook with pages for both specific activities and personal exploration and reflection on the topic.

WAY Health Safari

This workbook is aimed at students in grades K-1. It uses fun animal friends to introduce beginning concepts in an engaging way. Using a variety of coloring pages, drawing pages, songs, and charts, younger students can record their learning at their own level.

WAY Me Mysteries

This workbook is aimed at students in grades 2-3. Students become detectives on the search for clues on how to be healthy.

WAY Innerspace Adventure!

This workbook is aimed at students in grades 4-5. Students become part of the WAY team and explore a personal journey to health and wellness. I did not have any students in this level.


Five Modules

Each level follows the same 5 learning modules:

Module 1: Getting Started

Students are introduced to the concepts of health and wellness and the value of journal-keeping.

Module 2: Where Do You Begin?

Students look at their choices and habits and set goals to become healthier.

Module 3: Let’s Get Active

Students learn the importance of being active and how to get motivated to move.

Module 4: The Nutrition WAY

Students learn about the food groups and how to construct a healthy meal using the MyPlate guidelines.

Module 5: Health–It’s Personal

Students learn about how germs are spread and how to prevent the spreading of germs through good hygiene routines.


My Opinion

Multi-Level Teaching

I love how I can teach all my students the same class but also present the information in an age-appropriate level for each student.

Vocabulary Builder

We used this curricula to really build our vocabulary. We used the vocabulary cards provided in the curriculum. We looked up each on in the dictionary and kept track of the ones they were still learning and the ones they mastered.

WAY vocabulary Problem Cutting Out the Puppets

In the Health Safari workbook, the students are suppose to be able to color and cut out the characters to make into puppets; however, they are printed on several pages back-to-back and so there is no way to cut them all out. This wasn’t a big problem: if we wanted to use the characters, we used the cut out masks.

Personalized Workbooks

I like how the workbooks allow for individuality. There are, of course, pages for assignments but there are also blank pages for personal reflection. Each student gets to design the cover of their workbook.


My kids loved the different activities. They liked watching all the videos whether it was ‘their level’ or not. Health class was definitely a favorite.


Have you tried the WAY Comes Home Kit? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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WAY Comes Home Kit Review

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