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 Hola. Como estás? Spanish is such a fun language. Plus, knowing a second language is such a useful skill to have. If you are part of the Dear Homeschooler community, you will know that my background in linguistics causes me to be rather drawn to language curricula; I see value in exposing my kids to both classic languages like Latin and Greek and living ones like French and Spanish. That is why I was happy to review the Educator’s Spanish Collection by Whitlefritz.


What’s In The Box

When you order the Educator’s Spanish Collection, here is what you will get:

  • Spanish Lesson Plans For Kids
  • Animals — Los Animales DVD
  • Let’s Play — Vamos a Jugar DVD
  • Fritzi’s Party — La Fiesta De Fritzi DVD
  • The Seasons — Las Estaciones DVD
  • Inside and Out — Adentro y Afuera DVD
  • Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs CD
  • Cha, Cha, Cha! Spanish Learning Songs CD
  • Let’s Dance — A Bailar! CD
  • Juego De Pares — Spanish Matching Cards

Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids guides the teacher and students through 40 lessons focused on learning basic languages through fun activities such as baking, crafts, play doh, stories, etc. Each lesson follows the following outline:

  • Description of lesson: Know what the lesson is about at a glance.
  • Goal: Find the purpose of the lesson.
  • Objective: Know exactly what the student must know to master the lesson.
  • Vocabulary: See a list of English-Spanish target words.
  • Materials: See a list of all the materials needed for all the activities in the lesson.
  • Time: Know how long each lesson takes.
  • Focus and Review: Review previous material with specific activities and dialog.
  • Teacher Input: Use step-by-step instructions (in English and Spanish) for teaching activities.
  • Guided Practice: Follow instructions to assist a student with an activity.
  • Independent Practice: Set up an independent activity for the student to complete.
  • Closure: Plan on an activity that closes the lesson, such as having the student present their project.
  • Optional Assessment/Extension Activities: Suggestions for further learning.

The Spanish Lesson Plans For Kids contains printable worksheets for almost each lesson as seen above, minimizing teacher planning time.

The 5 DVDs are fun and colorful, using both kids, adults, and fun characters to teach simple words and phrases in a full immersion approach. The 3 CDs are equally pleasurable and engaging.



My Opinion

Multi-Media Approach

WhistleFritz makes good use of using multiple approaches including fun, visual DVDs, hands-on projects, and audio CDs to help teach and reinforce the lessons.

Fun and Engaging

My kids — especially my 5-year-old –loved doing the projects, listening to the songs, and watching Fritzi, the mouse. She never wanted to turn the DVD off!


It has been proven that the best language curricula are immersion programs, and that is what you will find in WhistleFritz. If you don’t speak Spanish, it’s ok. The DVDs and CDs provide appropriate Spanish input, but as we all know that practice is the best way to get comfortable speaking a new language, so it may be beneficial to learn along with your student or students to help them practice their conversation skills and do the activities. The Spanish teaching dialogs and instructions can be found written out in the “Teacher’s Input” in the Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids.


Have you tried Educator’s Spanish Collection or any product by Whitlefritz? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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