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Super Beads 3D Animals
 I am always looking for new crafts and activities for my kids to do. I want something that builds new skills and fosters creativity but is also something they can do on their own or with just a little instruction. I like it when they fill at least some of their free time with activities that are stimulating and imaginative. This is a great way to minimize screen time, too. So, I was very excited when given the opportunity to review Zirrly‘s Super Beads . Zirrly  has many sets to choose from including Spinning Tops, a 3D Car and Truck set, and a Jewelry Set, but we love animals so we were excited to try the 3D Animals.


The Product: Super Beads

Super Beads are a creative and fun activity for both kids and adults.   A pattern is inserted under a clear, plastic board, which has small spikes to hold small, plastic non-toxic beads in place. You simply match the color to the pattern, and once you are finished, you spray the completed design with water, and presto — the beads fuse together and you have one flexible creation.

Zirrly has many different sets that come with patterns aimed at kids around 10 years old. Kids can follow the instructions to men specific animals, cars, jewelry, etc., or they can get their creative juices flowing and make something up of their own design. Costs range from about $10 – $25.

My kids had a blast making the 3D animals. I confess this type of activity tends to be slightly grievous  as my youngest especially tends to move the support plate frequently and I am the one bent over trying to salvage her work, but these super bead were easily placed and didn’t knock over as easily as other brands.


My Opinion

No Ironing

I love how the beads are fused together with water. It was never a hard task to iron the previous bead sets we’ve had, but I admit that sometimes, I wasn’t able to pull out the iron immediately, and their hard work would inevitably get messed up. Spraying the beads with water is immediate, and they kids can do it by themselves.

Don’t Easily Mess Up

As I’ve mentioned above, other brands of beads don’t stay in place quite as easily as Zirrly‘s Super Beads do. This saves my kids a lot of tears and me a headache and the tedious task of trying to fix it.

3D Shapes

The 3D Animals kit was an interesting spin on the typical 2D designs. My kids loved that their new creations could stand up.

Manage the Water Spray

I will say to be careful where you (or your kiddo) sprays the water. Try not to get it on the loose, extra beads (it will make them clump) or on the cardboard pattern (because, well, it’s cardboard).


Overall, we had a great time and would highly recommend any of these kits. Have you tried any of the Super Bead kits from Zirrly? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. You guys did a fantastic job reviewing and presenting our Super Beads. We’re super impressed. Thanks so much!!!

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