USA Bundle Activity Pack: A Review

Crafty Classroom

  Dear Homeschooler, What are you doing for geography this coming year? We will be memorizing the 50 states of the United States, including capitals, state information, important landmarks,  and topography. I chose this because we are studying American history this year also, and I like the cross-pollination of subject…

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Kingdom Code: A Review

Kingdom code

Dear Homeschooler, Let’s talk money. Good money management can be hard lessons to learn even as adults. In elementary school, kids learn to recognize money, count money, and add and subtract money, but we don’t spend a lot of time teaching the practical side of things like good spending practices, money…

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Supercharged Science: A Review


Dear Homeschooler, Science is one of our favorite subjects. There is so much fun to be had exploring and experimenting. We have taken several different approaches to science, including unit studies, traditional textbooks and workbooks, living books, note booking and lap books. We have enjoyed elements of them all, and…

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EdAlive: A Review


    Dear Homeschooler, As the school year winds down and textbooks slowly reach the finish line, I look to find fun ways to practice and review skills. We play more games, take more field trips, and often increase our online presence, as electronic time is something I typically put…

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