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Dear Homeschooler,

Helping kids move from concrete to abstract thinking processes can be difficult, but this is a vital transition that must take place in order for adults to be successful. It is proven that by studying patterns,  one can help bridge this gap more smoothly. That is why I was excited for the opportunity to review Pattern Explorer Beginning by The Critical Thinking Co.


The Product: Pattern Explorer BeginnerPattern Explorer

This workbook, aimed at third and fourth graders, contains 40 exercises. This math product can supplement  any math curricula for an entire school year, if one or two lessons are completed per week.  The Pattern Explorer Beginning  offers several formats: a physical book as well as a  digital download.  Note that this ebook will only run on Windows® OS at this time. A Mac OS X version should be available soon.



The Pattern Explorer Beginning utilizes 5 different types of lessons:

  • Pattern Predictor: notice the progression of a pattern and predict future stages 
  • Equality Explorer: solve pictorial equations and graphs and even ‘if-then’ constructs

Pattern Explorer

  • Sequence Sleuth: notice pattern sequences and predict future shapes, letters, or numbers

Pattern Explorer

  • Number Ninja: determine how numbers relate to each other in an equation or graph

Pattern Explorer

  • Function Finder: determine how numbers relate to each other in an equation or graph

Space is provided in the book to complete these activities. Practicing these patterns really helps develop the students ability to relate items and predict what comes next. These skills will be utilized in all areas of learning — not just math! Hints and a full answer key are available at the back of the book.

Check out further sample pages here.

In Our Home

The  Pattern Explorer Beginning was well-received by both my children. They thought the pattern activities were fun and asked to do more. We averaged about one lesson per week and will continue till the end of the book throughout the summer. My second grader could complete the activities but required a little help occasionally to think through to the solution. My fourth grader found the activities fairly easy, but they still caused him to think and analyze, which is always great practice.


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Have you tried Pattern Explorer Beginning from The Critical Thinking Co.? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Check out other great reviews by the Homeschool Crew by clicking the banner below. There you will find other reviews on this and some of the other great products from The Critical Thinking Co.

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