Help Your Kids Organize Their School Day: Simple Student Schedule For Readers

Dear Homeschooler,Simple Student Schedule TH

Do you organize your school day? As many of you know, I am a big planner.

 At the beginning of this school year, we were using my visual schedule. It worked great! Both my reader and pre-reader could follow it, and it was easily adjustable. Then we moved in with our in-laws. We have a school space, but I don’t have the wall space to hang my magnetic whiteboard. I could definitely use a smaller, standing board, but we just don’t have a lot of extra table space either. I didn’t have a schedule at first, but the same problems arose: constant questioning when recess was, arguing over which subjects to do next, asking when they are done, etc.  So, I had to brainstorm a different way to organize our day.


My Planner

In my planner, I organize what needs to be done for the day.  I normally plan one week at a time. So, the Friday (or weekend) before, I plan the upcoming week. I have found that if I plan too far in advance, life happens, and after a week or two, I have to re-plan anyway. I do set semester/monthly targets of what materials/lessons need to be covered so I can stay on-track in order to finish my chosen curriculum and goals for that year. My planner is where I plan what needs to be accomplished in each subject.

Here’s an example:



Student Planner

ZooKid has his own planner. At the beginning of each school day, we sit down together, and I fill out the day’s subjects. This way, he knows exactly how much he has to do until recess, until lunch, until he is done, etc. In his planner, I only put the subject — not each assignment within the subject. It looks something like this:


I chunk subjects together in groups. ZooKid cannot change the order of the subject groupings, but he can choose which subject to do first in the group. For example, Literature, Math, and Literacy are grouped together first. Experience has shown that my son has to do Literacy and Math at the beginning of the school day when he is fresh for optimal learning and attitude. He has to do these at the beginning of the school day; however, he can choose the order in which he does these 3 subjects. This gives him some control within the overall structure. As we complete subject, ZooKid crosses them off.

This scheduling technique doesn’t have quite the flexibility as my visual schedule as rearranging the order with arrows is not as clean as moving pieces. It, also, doesn’t work well with Princess Super Kitty, who is a pre-reader. It is more mobile, so when we do school at the library or at Panera, it easily comes along with us. Overall, it has been working well for ZooKid. 

How do you schedule your day? Comment below or upload a picture!

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