Kingdom Code: A Review

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Let’s talk money. Good money management can be hard lessons to learn even as adults. In elementary school, kids learn to recognize money, count money, and add and subtract money, but we don’t spend a lot of time teaching the practical side of things like good spending practices, money management, and budgeting until much later (if at all). As homeschoolers, we want to equip our children with the skills to be successful in life, and that is why I was excited for the opportunity to review The Complete Starter Kit by The Kingdom Code.


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The Product: The Complete Starter Kit

The Complete Starter Kit is a unique curriculum whose objective is to instill the money management, entrepreneurial  skills, and character development into children to help guide them so that they are prepared to make good financial and business decisions and set them up for a successful future. This programs dubs your student a Kingdom Code Kid and not only arms them with the intellectual and practical means to completely build and run their own business but also instills in them Biblical principles to do so in a godly manner.

This curricula was designed as a 34 week course with two 45 minutes class per week, but the coursework is flexible to fit your schedule and your kids’ needs. Targeted for kids in grades 3 – 6, you can teach multiple kids together by providing each student with their own student packet (they can easily share the textbook). They can work together on a business or individually on a business venture. The Complete Starter Kit comes with the textbook, Student Packet, and Teacher’s Guide.

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Textbook Lessons

Follow the treasure map and complete the 27 lessons. Each lesson is broken down into the following outline:

  • Proclamation: Begin the lesson with godly, Biblically-founded truths to help focus and direct
  • Check Your Path: Worksheet assignments
  • Quest for the Clue: Explore business principles with stories, simple explanations, and questions
  • Code of Honor: Expected knightly behavior
  • Treasure Seeking: Application of learned business practices
  • On Your Own: Application of entire lesson to the student’s business venture with specified goals and activities
  • Kingdom Keys: Review of lesson’s objectives, ideas, and key terms
  • Bonus Code Work: Further activities

Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide offers helpful hints on how to effectively teach this course, including what supplies are needed, what to expect, and how to use the different components. Each lesson is laid out over two days and includes overall lesson targets (an overview of the lesson as a whole, an . essential question to answer, a learning goal, materials needed, and lesson suggestions), daily set up, and instructions to teach each of the subtopics listed above in the ‘Textbook Lesson.” Also included is rooms for notes and suggestions for enrichments. Parent interaction and oversight is definitely required for the first 8 lessons when the students are laying the foundation to build their business.

Student Packet

The student packet includes everything the students needs to work out

  • Activities, Forms, and Notices — full color complement to the lessons
  • Workbook — black and white worksheets that reinforce the lessons,  including review pages, progress monitoring
  • Treasure Map — Map your progress through the curriculum
  • Flashcards — Help remember newly acquired vocabulary
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Receipt book


Extra Products For Younger Students

It’s never too early to start teaching our kids good money management skills. Those students who are a little young to go through The Kingdom Code curriculum can start learning to budget money using the JR Budget Kit. It is inexpensive, and its simple, envelope-style budget system allows young kids to grasp the concept.

junior budget kit- the kingdom code- money management

Additionally, The Kingdom Code Coloring Book has 32 pages of bible verses, budget pictures, and knights (of course!) to help reinforce these concepts and principles in our young children.



My daughter decided to open a lemonade stand with homemade snacks during our family garage sale. She named her business Yumsters.  We have completed many of the steps including some self-evaluation, the business plan, and logo. We are continuing to work on it.

Discount Code

Have you tried any of the great products offered by The Kingdom Code? If so, I would love to hear it in the comments below. If The Kingdom Code looks like something you would like to try with your student or students, take advantage of this special discount code for 10% off your order: 10TKC19


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  1. “Yumsters” sounds like a great business! Keep us updated on your daughter’s continued progress through The Kingdom Code.

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