Launch Week Has Arrived!

launch weekPDFDear Homeschoolers,

Launch week has arrived! I am so excited to be sharing this with you. I created Dear Homeschooler to have way share my educational experience and passion of teaching and to create a homeschool community where we can encourage each other and our students on our path of learning. I know you share this passion with me. 

Here is how Launch Week is going to work. Each day, a new discussion topic will be posted, centered around your opinions and want/needs in a homeschool blog. Come and join in on the discussion topic. Then, enter the giveaway.  I tried to pick a variety of giveaways in differing topics and levels. If your kids can’t benefit from the materials, enter away — surely you know someone you can pass it along to. Lastly, SHARE! Get friends, family, grandparents, etc. to stop on by. Even non-homeschoolers can benefit from the free giveaways. The more, the merrier!


Monday: Preschool Pack

Tuesday: Crayola Creative Pack

Wednesday: Elementary Pack

Thursday: National Geographic Kids Science Pack

Friday: Ed Emberley Art Pack


Your participation is important to me because it is how I am going to find out what you,  home educators, would benefit most from Dear Homeschooler. I hope you see you here!




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