Reining in the Wiggles

reining in wiggles

An oldie, but a goodie….     Dear Homeschooler, Do your kids wiggle? Maybe your older kids get fidgety. Sometimes, this need to move can decrease our students focus and limit their attention span. I’ve heard some say, “My child doesn’t sit well, so I need a curriculum where he doesn’t…

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Astronomy Resources


Dear Homeschooler, As spring approaches and it is starting to warm up outside, we want to spend as much time out of the house as possible — even at night. Use these warmer nights to gaze up at the stars! Check out these great resources for studying astronomy. If you…

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Spring Resources


Dear Homeschooler, Spring is in the air here in Georgia. It may not be yet where you are, so here’s some spring activities to help you usher in that elusive warm weather. 🙂   Also, if you are getting ready to start those indoor seedlings, check out these great garden…

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