School Supply List

school supply list

Dear Homeschooler,  There are two kinds of back-to-school purchasers: those who spend hours in the back-to-school aisles loving every minute, and those who spend hours in the back-to-school aisles hating every minute. I confess, I am the former. I love deliberating over pencils options and notebook colors.  🙂 I also know…

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First Day of School Revelations

first day back to school revelations

Dear Homeschooler, Today was our official first day back to school. We are not all-year homeschoolers, so the first day back is milestone material for us. As always, the first day comes with some revelations: My kids are getting BIG. I’m sure all parents experience the same ‘smack in the…

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Scoops Issue #3

bargains, good reads, views, homeschool products

Dear Homeschooler: Here’s the scoop! Launch Winners! Thanks to all who participated in Launch week. Stay tuned for more great posts, events, and giveaways. And the winners are… Jennifer from Florida (Preschool Pack) Jessica from Colorado (Crayola Creative Pack) Katie from Iowa (Elementary Educational Pack) Krystal from Kansas (National Geographic…

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Launch Friday: Ed Emberley Art Pack

launch friday

Dear Homeschooler,  Welcome to Launch Friday!!!! I am so excited to be officially joining the online homeschooling community. This week promises to be a fun way to get to know each other and get some free stuff! I tried to make sure there was something for most ages/levels. Most of…

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