Peek into a Homeschool Day Of A First Grader

Dear Homeschoolers,

Last week, I posted some tips on how to create a weekly schedule. Well, I just finished mine! Here is a peek into what our school day is going to look like (we start next week):

ZooKid: First Grade

Notice we basically have the same schedule Monday through Thursday. Friday is the day I set aside to assess skills and the weeks activities to help decide if ZooKid needs more practice on a particular skill, to measure progress, and to adjust lessons. Lessons are light and fun on Fridays with time for a fun project and afternoon field trip:ZooKid first grade schedulePNG2


ZooKid Hard at Work


Free Downloads

Download an editable schedule template here.

Download an editable first grade schedule here.


Do you have  a first grader? What does your day look like??


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A Day in Our Homeschool


  1. What curriculum is zookid using with the big map?

    • We use the map as a reference for geography and history. I actually bought it at the Dollar Tree. We are studying American geography this year using Confession of a Homeschooler’s Road Trip. I modified it to work for first grade. In History, we are studying Early American History. I started using TruthQuest at the beginning of the year. I found it moved too quickly and was too involved for a first grade curriculum. I still use bits and pieces of it, but I have been chunking different eras into unit studies. Just before the Christmas break, we did ‘Colonial Times”.

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  4. Ahh great! Like I said “schedule” is a loose term around here! But here’s ours. I am definitely looking for ways to improve it!

  5. Hmmm… guess there isn’t a way to post a pic! Sorry about that!

  6. I have a 1st grader! Here is a picture of my son’s K schedule from last school year. We were a bit less structured than I hope to be this year. Thank you for sharing your well thought out plans!

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