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Dear Homeschooler,

Summer is in full swing, but homeschooling never really ends: It just changes. We are not all-year schoolers, but we still do reading, unit studies, some review work, and lots of outdoor activities during the summer months. Whether I’m planning literacy and math classes in the fall or trying to keep track of swimming lessons and baseball practice during the break, I need a way to keep myself organized on-the-go, and that is why I was excited to review My School Year(Homeschool Record Keeping) by MySchoolYear.com.


MySchoolYear.com Review

The Product: My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping)

My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) is a digital, web-based program assessable from your computer or mobile devices that helps you plan, organize, and track all aspects of your homeschool day. After you set up your term parameters, you can start a profile for each of your students.



Most states require a certain number of school days with a minimum of study hours each day. My School Year tracks your student’s attendance for you. You can see at a glance whether you are on track to fulfill state attendance requirements.

MySchoolYear.com Attendance


Creating Classes and Lessons:

You are able to individualize each student’s school day by creating classes and adding lessons to each class. My School Year tracks your students progress through each class. You are also able to add grades to lessons and classes for report cards.

Reading List:

You can create a reading list for each student and track their progress.

Events and Extra Curricular Activities:

You can add extra curricular activities and special events to your student’s schedule.

MySchoolYear.com Extra



Records and Grading:

At any time, you are able to print reports on your student’s progress.

My school year reports

Teachers Aid, Awards, and Standardized Tests:

My School Year has many other valuable features. You can set goals for each student and track their progress toward it. Once completed, you can give awards for their accomplishment. You can schedule and add the track the scores of any testing you do, so you can always have that information on hand. Teacher’s Aid is another useful tool. It sends weekly student schedules to your email, so you can see them at a glance and also asks questions to help fill in missing data and prompts you to explore and add further details to your planning.


Membership and Cost

Enjoy all the features of MySchoolYear.com for an unlimited amount of students with two different membership options:

  1. Month-to-month for $5 a month. This option allows you to forgo a long-term commitment.
  2. Annual for $40. This option saves you 33% and locks in your price.


The thing I liked the most about this product is its versatility. I could access my online planbook anywhere. I could plan and organize at the park or dentist office. It does require a lot of input, especially when setting up classes and planning lessons, but this aspect of homeschooling takes time no matter what tool you use. If you are looking for easy way to keep your school year organized and accessible, start your free trial now.

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